Cannabis And Sleep: Does Smoking Weed Help You Sleep Better?

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Do you have dreams when you get high? You will hear a lot of people say that smoking weed helps them sleep.

I have said it for many years and still believe it to be true. One thing I did notice is that smoking weed does in fact help get to sleep faster, but not actually better. I would take 500MG Korova edible brownies and pass out without even realizing I fell asleep. I was so high that I didn’t even know what was going on. Most of the time not realizing that I wasn’t getting the deep sleep my body needed. I didn’t have that fresh feeling I used to get after a good nights sleep.

This hypothesis turned out to be true. An article by states that cannabis with higher amounts of THC reduces the amount of REM sleep we get. REM sleep is where the most potent dreams occur. This is why you hear stoners say that they don’t have dreams when they get high.

The article also explains how heavy cannabis use can fully disrupt sleep cycles. This also could be a factor in why when I smoke to much weed I become foggy and dazed, maybe even paranoid. I’m sure there are different levels of this and only more studies will truly tell. Honestly it’s probably not going to stop me from smoking weed, but I may hold back a little before going to sleep or cutting back how much cannabis I use.

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